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Lubricant Diversion Safe

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This unique and innovative Lubricant Diversion Safe allows you to store your personal items in plain sight while blending in perfectly. Perfect for any garage or workshop, the diversion safe looks just like an everyday container of lubricant, down to the twist-off top. With interior dimensions of 1 3/8″ x 4″, you can keep larger items such as watches, jewelry, and wallets inside without worrying that they won’t fit. Your items will stay safely hidden from any would-be thieves due to the secure locking system that only you have access to. Not only does this allow your items stay safely out of sight but also lets you feel secure knowing that your valuables are always protected with our Lubricant Diversion Safe. So don’t wait any longer – protect your valuable possessions today with our Lubricant Diversion Safe!

• Great to hide your items in the garage
• Interior dimensions 1 3/8″ x 4″
• Secure storage of valuables by twisting top of can to open & close

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